Challenges In Mid School Education In India And The Parents Conundrum

The objective of the education system is to provide quality education to the children to realize their potential.

Factors impacting learning for children at an early age:

Marks scored in exams have become the measure of knowledge and a key topic of discussion
Lack of appreciation for application of Concepts learned in schools
Dependency on the fact, that effective learning is dependent on ability of the child, teachers, surrounding and discipline
Unconscious bias developed by the schooling system based on the intellectual and physical display by the child
Nature of the curriculum, the pace of teaching and teaching styles
Homework as the basis of teaching validation – inbuilt expectation that the child will learn on his own or with his/her parents
Emphasis on teacher defined structure of learning, instead of clearing the Concepts.
There is a need to create and nurture excitement /Curiosity in the education, which will form the basis of solid foundation

Practical challenges:

Both parents are working, with little dedicated time for handholding.
Helping the Year 4-6 children is simpler to start with, professional pressures for parents mean the children start neglecting homework and parents don’t have the time.
Enabling assisted learning for children includes the hassles of travel for tutions and safety issues
At that early age, Children do not understand the importance of study discipline (Just a regular sit-down of 1-2 hours per day), while the parents start feeling the pressure.
Children not developing an interest in the particular subject, with rote learning becoming the norm.
Parents feel embarrassed when School teachers point to the lack of performance and lack of discipline by the children.
Parents put pressure and use other means to deal with their children.

Is there a solution to overcome these challenges??

Read our next blog for finding ways to overcome these impediments!!

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