Emotional Development Of Teenagers – Whirlwind Journey Of Parents

Let us understand what a typical teenager of today is going through:

There is a huge exposure to social media exposing them to information, music or videos (some good and some not so good)
A comparison that happens within the peer group and surrounding neighbourhood about what you have and what you do not viz. gadgets, cars, type of house etc. This gets further bolstered with High v/s low sensitivity of money, affordability, class, and lifestyle.
Building pressure and opinions amongst peer group that could lead to conflicts of parental opinions V/s personal opinions.
Multiple distractions that consume time & energy leading to defocus from study and discipline.
There are simpler ways of tackling the above situations as seen through the eyes of experience

Provide security – emotional and physical, without crossing the fine line of being overprotective
Enable simple yet powerful experiences that leave a lasting impression. Viz. Celebrating a birthday with the “not so lucky” or maybe in an Orphanage. This enables the child to appreciate how lucky they are, how emotionally secure they are and value for all they have.
Ensure relaxed, yet disciplined lifestyle. Let the children earn few things like watching television, only required gadgets etc, learn to say No and provide logical reasons for saying “No”.

Become the most “Trusted” friend of your child, so the teenager does not find emotional security outside the family.
Ensure that you distinguish and plan separate conversations with your child as a Parent and as a Friend.
Keep a keen eye on your child’s performance in studies/ specific areas. Compare and evaluate for changes and if specific help like online tuitions is needed to provide a boost and channelize energies in the right direction.
Simply put, Teenage is characterized by rapidly fluctuating emotions and is also a whirlwind journey for the parents. This is a journey characterized by unnerving developmental challenges. Yet, it is an exciting experience of growing older interspersed with conflicts over independence that finally leads to a development of personality and Parental support plays an important role.

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