Live online tutoring

Hyper personalized live online tutoring services for CBSE, ICSE, K-12- All grades

On-demand coaching

Specialist on-demand coaching in interactive digital classroom

Better grades

Tailored to suite your needs, Trustworthy Tutors – Better grades assured

Improve the child’s understanding of the concepts

Application of concepts to improve basic understanding and gradually progress to higher level of conceptualization in applying theory to real life situations for solving tricky and complex problems. Students gain sound understanding of the concepts, improve grades and develop logic

Guarantee of same tutor everyday

We believe the student and the tutor develop a healthy relationship, wherein the tutor understands the strengths and weakness of the students and is able to guide the students not only in the day to day objectives, but also helps in the long-term success of the student.

Same Curriculum / Text Book

The tutors follow the same text book and emphasize on building the Students Concepts, thus grades become a by-product. Moreover, it also enables the tutors to synchronize online tutoring sessions with the school lessons.

Quality, Expertise and Pedagogy

Qualified Teachers: rigorous and intensive screening process to ensure selection of qualified and experienced tutors.
Superior Content: Content developed by specialist focused towards explaining the concept, Application of the concept to real life examples and maintains relevance to curriculum. This is followed by a short assessment to ascertain clarity and understanding gained by the student.
The outcome being developing students “study skills, curiosity and exploratory skills” to accept that there is more than one path to the solution